Stop clipping your ideas! Give us a call and we’ll prepare the right clip for you.

Squashing your brain to come up with an idea for a video clip or a short film, in order to advertise your business or a product you sell can be very difficult. First of all you need to have an experience on the desire pulse generated by an advertising audience. This comes with hard work, constant research and vigilance in following, but also discovering, the new trends popping up like mushrooms every day. Secondly you need to have the right “crew”, with the right tools for the job in hand. Eitherwise everyone with a commercial camera in his hand, could do what we do. And thirdly, and maybe the most important factor, montage.

People tend to think that montage is something easy to do. Well, think again people. Filming on a set with your camera, until you get the optimal footage required, can take from a few hours up to a whole day, depending on the length of the video and the captured information required. You can even leave your cameras on, filming from a specific point, and just capture everything. The “guy” doing the montage afterwards, will take out all the scenes that are not required. And this means analyzing all the footage frame by frame. Another thing that the montage guy needs to have is creativity. He needs to combine his work, after the analysis, with the right audio background. Will he keep for a few seconds the actual sound captured in the footage, will it be swapped with another audio like music song, will it be a mixture of both or even go ahead and record the right sound and add it? Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how well and/or cautious you were in filming, but if you fail in montage, your work will be ruined.

ZP, with its long and professional experience in the field of video production, can deliver both the desired idea and effect for your campaign. And people will remember you, from our work.

Creating your advertisement
with proper Branding and visual effects.

Many people have the idea that branding your company isn’t so important and all this making of the perfect logo that has a meaning or creating ads with visual effects, are worthless because clients don’t actually care. They only want to see what you offer, and how, and not all that worthless, paying for nothing stuff, right? WRONG!

Branding is essential for any kind of company that wants to be remembered by its clients and especially by its potential clients. Most certainly, when you already have a client that he is happy with your product, he will be “Yeah ok, it’s nice, but what do I care?”, because yes he doesn’t care. But when that client comes into a discussion about a cool poster or ad a friend of his saw on the web or on the street, he will all of a sudden be like “Yeah that’s my guy. I know him for years since he started his company, he sells great stuff blah blah blah” and bottom line, he will boost your ad FREE OF CHARGE. Do you see where this is going?

And now, for your potential clients.

Potential clients don’t know if they want to buy your product, unless you are selling treatment and they are dying. They need to feel comfort when reading your ad or seeing your poster. Subconsciously, if your ad or your poster is structured properly, it will attract their attention. And YES, that’s all you need to achieve! Make them read what you are offering! After that, is a matter of what you are selling, how you sell it and if he actually wants to buy it, but the main idea of an advertisement is to make readers, to read it! And that’s why you need professional visuals in order for your ad to be able to catch the eye of a reader. First impression is always the most important.

And who knows. If you let us create your advertisement campaign, people might remember you, when someone close to them asks if they know anyone selling your product. Easy money. Right?.